Gentleman Frog


Though not actually members of the aristocracy, nor truly amphibious, Gentleman Frog combine wit and adaptability. Members Adrian Beattie, Anne Goad, Antony Hall and Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd bring contagious wackiness and dynamic whimsy to the stage. Brought together by a love of making people laugh, Gentleman Frog has spent the last three years performing on stages across Toronto. In 2019 they decided to spread their tomfoolery across North America and participated in improv festivals in Ottawa, Detroit, Vermont, Pittsburg and Montreal. They don’t want this fun to end and have decided to take North America by storm in 2020. They are excited to introduce to you weird characters and take you to weirder places. The Froggies can usually be caught having way too much fun on stage. No Regrets!

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Adrian Beattiel
Anne Goad
Antony Hall
Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd